Solitary Abilene Joins the Resistance – April 2017

Abilene had been enjoying her later years concerned but not too distressed by problems such as climate change, the global spread of viruses, or politics. She focused on Reiki, healing, grief, mindfulness and compassion. The presidential election of 2016 lit a fire in her. Her great-grandmother perished in a death camp in World War II. She knew she had to make a contribution to women’s efforts at pushing back on some recent political changes, even though she dreaded moving out of her serene cocoon. Abilene lived in on beautiful tract of land in Oregon set by a river. Her husband had passed on, but he left her with an income adequate to her needs. She was free to meditate and create ceramics that she sold at fairs and festivals.

But with the direction the country was taking, she curbed her expenses and sent small checks to organizations she believed in, such as Planned Parenthood, Peace Action and the American Civil Liberties Union.

A phone call one morning changed everything. Abilene’s daughter Ruth had been married on the property five years before. For the event Abilene and Ruth went 50-50 on the purchase of a very large yurt for the wedding. Ruth had left the yurt behind when she and her husband moved to Chicago where they both had fellowships to continue their environmental studies.

“Mom, I got a call from the local resistance movement. They want to use the yurt to hold a fundraiser and also for their upcoming meetings.”

“Sure,” responded Abilene. “They will need a truck to transport it.”

“No Mom. They want to set it up on your property. It’s so beautiful and such a quiet setting by the river, that it will encourage people to come.”

After much hemming and hawing, Abilene agreed. From the experience of her great-grandmother, Abilene understood the importance of standing up and taking action.

Much to her surprise, Abilene realized she enjoyed these get-togethers and felt inspired by being around such committed energetic people. She also liked it when they left. It was just enough stimulation for her solitary nature.

The 7 Goddesses New Years Resolutions


I will give up the desire to be swept away.


I will stop hovering over the kids.


No! Don’t ask me to change my sexy ways!


I’ll stop holding such a tight leash on my husband.


I won’t ‘talk shop’ when out with my mother.


I will listen more to others’ differing opinions.


I will go on Facebook once a day for 20 minutes.

Hestia – December 2016

A Dose of Reality for Wisdom Woman

Mata’s serene world fell apart when her husband Alfiie dropped dead of a heart attack. He collapsed in their vegetable garden while picking tomatoes for their evening salad. He was her sentinel; keeping the world at bay so that Mata could lead the wisdom-centered life required by her Hestia nature.

As a retired professor, Alfie had lived in his books. Mata was a local guru; a kind, sagacious woman with a rye sense of humor. She taught yoga once a week in her barn, situated on four rustic acres tucked into their ex-urban Virginia community. She also dispensed wisdom to sleep deprived professionals who lingered after class, nervous about their marriage messes, road rage encounters, and too many options.

Are you a Hestia?

  • Do you prize time for reflection?
  • Friends call you “wise woman” or “old soul”?
  • You like to dwell on the big picture and can intuit consequences of actions.
  • Troubled people gravitate to you because you are discreet and forgiving.
  • You avoid “high drama” and disputes.

Mostly Mata kept to herself; detached from our hyper-connected world. Need I say somewhat morally superior to Facebook, Linked-In, even cell phones.

Then a tree landed on her house during a storm. Before his sudden demise, Alfie tended to the mundane details of life: bills, house repairs, lawn mowing, etc. Now that Mata had no roof over her head, she was forced to face reality — rarely strong skill in monastic spiritual types. Meditation, herbal tea – even pot – couldn’t calm her nerves.

She swallowed the bitter pill and called her son Todd, a hard-nosed lawyer. He invariably took a no-nonsense approach to facing an emergency. Negotiations began. Manta feared being torn from her wooded sanctuary, but she loathed the idea of becoming a charity case.

Todd generously pointed out that she occupied a valuable place in the community. Letting down his guard, he admitted: “Half my friends seek you out to dust themselves off, confess their grievances, ambivalences, hungry for your compassion. Now’s the time to call in the favors. Get a techie to set up a website for you. Give online courses in meditation. Ask a handy person to pitch in with house repairs.” He paused and added: “Leverage your assets. Rent out the barn to free lancers who need space on a part-time basis.”

Mata parked her guru snobbery and contacted friends and yoga clients. Once she got the hang of it, she even allowed Facebook fans to ‘intrude’ on the quiet early mornings normally spent with tea and hummingbirds. Extroverting at this point in her life helped her overcome her grief at Alfie’s loss. She even took up swing dancing.

Confession: The Hestia in me can go for 48 hours listening to the fountain in my garden. Metaphorically speaking, I don’t always hear the storm coming. My early pattern has served me well, as had Mata’s – solitary and introspective, taking things in, digesting and processing. Sometimes when a tree falls, it’s a signal that the time is ripe to move on out with your gifts and balance your hermit consciousness.


  • Practice saying yes to ‘change’.
  • Fake it till you make it.
  • Attend social media courses at the library.
  • Become a phone virtuoso so you don’t have to be out and about more than you can bear.

The bonus from these initiatives is a heightened sense of self-sufficiency. There’s nothing like paying your own way to feel like a very wise woman – particularly when you have so much else going for you. You are more than a sum of your parts – you are a confluence of cosmic forces.

Welcome to My Blog!

Falling Awake in an Upside Down World

Women love to reinvent themselves every few years. You have a burning desire to step up and be the heroine of your own life – to consider possibilities, to be your own authority, free to make choices.

“In each of us is another whom we do not know.” Carl Jung

Your question probably becomes something like ‘how can I set sail through the narrows of transition and move on to the next phase of my journey?’ Then, ‘But what if……?’

Creative forces pop up to mobilize your energies when needed to usher in another life phase. Lying deep within your psyche is this divine sorority of goddesses – Persephone, Demeter, Aphrodite, Hera, Athena, Artemis and Hestia – inner templates ready to explore life on the conscious level. Their wisdom is as relevant now as it was in ancient times.

Faced with a challenge? Become unstuck through the innovative tools I’ve developed as a psychotherapist. Each goddess will empower you through her unique insights, strengths and limitations:

  • Shuck self-destructive patterns
  • Face challenges without panicking
  • Make bold life-changing decisions in the midst of crisis
  • Pass through chaos into another aspect of personal power
  • Go for Wholeness -no need to be perfect.
  • Fall awake in an upside down world into a deeply satisfying life.


A Lightning Rod for Disaster. She finds her strength within the victim’s story and moves out of the Underworld. Because her direction has been unsure, it may not be till mid-life for this vulnerable goddess to wake up from her bad dream. Then she accepts responsibility for herself and nails a solid purpose in which to ground her skills.


The Nurturer who becomes pregnant with her own possibilities. Once she hits burnout, she finds her leverage and steps down from sacrificing all her energies to other peoples passions.


The Lusty Lover Girl – too sexy to sleep alone. She creates a magnetic attraction in order to worship a man’s raw, phallic energy. Fickle in love, her dazzling power to seduce can cause great pain, when all she wants to do is open all our senses by bringing the Divine down into this earthly realm.


The Homefront Heroine swims in the tidal currents of marriage. Seeking to be completed by her powerful husband she becomes too dependent on him. Grasping too tight a leash on the marriage sets up her betrayal. Eventually, she finds authenticity.


Career Woman and change agent in the market place. She knows how to set goals, strategize and negotiate to make progress. Once she’s betrayed by The Boys Club, she digs deep to find her feminine ground. Then she becomes a more effective, compassionate and flexible leader.


Wonder Woman. She’s our kick-ass sister. Resilient, prickly, adventurous, independent and sexually fluid, she wastes no time with emotional pirates. Learns to cool her jets and make apologies when she judges too harshly. After all, others have their own truths.


The Intuitive Visionary who keeps the Sacred Flame burning for everyone in the community. She sets the pace for global spiritual evolution. People seek her wisdom because she knows how to stay grounded in the midst of chaos and disorder.

My journey through life has been chockablock with challenges: Raised by glamorous misbegotten parents; Hop-scotching from one notable prep school to another; Playing with danger race car driving, and staying sane through a 22-year marriage to a charming sociopath. But I survived and flourished.

How? At each juncture, a goddess came to my rescue. I thank: Artemis for strength; Aphrodite for sex appeal; Persephone for balance; Demeter for knowing how to mother; Hera for holding tight to some traditional values; Athena for the guts and business savvy to succeed in my profession, and Hestia for teaching me how to stay centered while living my vision.

Read my forthcoming blogs on these stimulating Goddesses. As a psychotherapist, I’ve developed some tools to move deeper into life’s journey. I want to hear how you resonate with my ideas. My book, A Mythic Sisterhood will be on the market soon. Until then, comments, please. Questions? Thunderbolts? You’re probably looking at your own life and asking: “What risks do I have to take to find out what else is possible?”