A Mythic Sisterhood

The Goddess Way to Courage, Clarity & Grace
By Lianne Escher, MSW
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Discover how 7 Archetypes lead you through chaos to personal power.

Hey there!

I'm Lianne Escher, MSW
Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker

Our world is shifting. Dare you reinvent yourself?

In this book, 7 Goddesses leap from the pages of ancient myths to ignite your imagination and deepen your resolve to experience life today to the fullest. Discover Persephone, Demeter, Aphrodite, Hera, Athena, Artemis and Hestia.

Now dressed in contemporary garb, this sisterhood will guide you, through current examples, to avoid their limitations and cultivate their strengths, move through transitions without panic, change outdated habits and make choices that lead to further possibilities.

Today you play multiple roles: career woman, mother, wife, activist, lover, etc. My purpose in writing A Mythic Sisterhood is to deepen the core meanings of these roles and to increase your personal power.

Which one stands at your threshold? Meet them here!


A Lightening Rod for Disaster


The Nurturer


The Lusty Lover Girl




The Home Front Heroine


Career Woman


Wonder Woman


The Visionary