A Mythic Sisterhood

The Goddess Way to Courage, Clarity & Grace
By Lianne Escher, MSW

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About The Book

Archetypes exist outside of time, unconcerned with the realities of a woman’s life or her needs. When goddesses exert an influence, the woman as heroine must say yes, or no, or not now to the demands." Jean Shinoda Bolen

Each one of these 7 Greek Goddesses represents a unique personality type that can be seen throughout the world. Picture the archetypes of 'mother', 'lover', or 'artist'. It's easy enough to see that they each embody a different set of behaviors, values, voices, perspectives and experiences.

A Mythic Sisterhood is a breakthrough instructional book showing you how to summon these 7 Greek goddesses and harness their energies while avoiding their tragic mistakes. Tap a goddess during a personal crisis and she will give you a push to reconfigure your priorities. You will learn how to shuck self-destructive habits; face transitions without panicking; and create the life you really want.

A Mythic Sisterhood explores the psychological significance of the goddesses through their mythical stories. Sagas of kidnapping, war, greed, cruelty, tempestuous love and heartbreak, will show you how to deal with opportunities and threats.

  • Persephone – A Lightening Rod for Disaster Becomes Accountable
  • Demeter – The Nurturer is Pregnant with Her Own Possibilities
  • Aphrodite – Lusty Lover Girl Moves Beyond the Boudoir
  • Hera – Homefront Heroine Takes On Her True Identity
  • Athena – Career Woman Incorporates Feminine Values
  • Artemis – Kick Ass Pathfinder Builds Her Own Team of Activists
  • Hestia – Wise Woman Stays Balanced Through Adversity

With its authoritative writing and abundance of anecdotes spiced with wit, A Mythic Sisterhood will lighten your mood as it emboldens you to embark on the next phase of your journey.